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TBT History

Propaganda Man

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Feb 27, 2005
I just realized somthing, i thought PIKMIN got 3,000 first! but when i posted my first post today! I had 3,007!

^_^ Woot! First onormal member with 3,000 posts!
The Begining~

Storm loved AC ever since he baught it. He loved so much that he became an expert on it! But that wasn't enough for him, after many days of hard work he said, there it is, THE BELL TREE home page. (it is a reaaaaaaly hard thing to do I tried it once and well it didn't turn out so good...) Then he said, hey while I am at it I will make a forum, now where to start...

Fortuantly, Storm got a PM to go to this nintendo forum, Storm went there, and said hey, if he can make is owqn forum maybe I can too! And with that he was off, but Storm actually was pretty lucky he got the invite, for it turned out to be the biggest Nintendo forum on invision Free, possilby one of the largest in hits, (despite a peraon clicking on it 1,000 times...)

Starting Off

After he set up the boards, he told poeple at ACAC that he made it, a select few were chosen to go before anyone else, it turns out I think that the oh so famus NOA_SHAUN was one of the lucky few!


It wasn't the real NOA_SHAUN. STORM created a fake screen-name.


Ty(I call him ty) thought to be one of the greatest members of TBT ever, one day, disapered, Storm thought meh, he will be back...right...no Storm he won't atleast not for a while, about every week he made a post saying how great he was, now I wasn't here when he became a member, but I do know that he became a global mod made the largest thread here, and was a great person...

SMART_TECH_DRAGON_15....< _ < > _ > where have you gone!


After Ty left, so did some one else....this person was, wel, just read the title! Anyways he left, and then TBT grew quiet, really quiet, and things didn't start happening until about March.

The Great Flame Wars Thats right the moment you have all been waiting for.

This event took about..4 months...I will give the story here, and put later when it ends, things did happen in between. Anyways

There were these to poeple BAMBAM! and PIKMIN042 now these poeple were pretty much well known on TBT, but what they were known for at times, wasn't really the best thing to be known for ((@_@)) They were known for flaming each other.
See not the greatest anyways, these really got out of hand threads were locked most deleted, and don't you think this only happened here, this happened everywhere they met, by everywhere Bungalow here and Crossing Garidan
Some times, these thing got so bad! That each person threatend to leave, they said they were sorry, 1 day later, it is more flame. This lasted for a long time, but more stuff happened in between so let us move on...

this will
be edited. do not post here until I say so If you are wondering why it is taking so long is, it is harder then you think, and i am getting money to cure cancer so don't post here.

I need when sages were made sages for this if some one could give me the dates, I will finish this faster, but PM it to me.
Nope, I think that I waws first.


I'm also the first to 3,100.


You are getting a little spammy, too...
:eek:fftopic: :eek:fftopic: :eek:fftopic: :eek:fftopic: :eek:fftopic: :eek:fftopic: :eek:fftopic:

This is a spammy title, and almost spammy post....

how many posts do I have though?

Ahhh. 700 something.











Yes, it is spammy... ish... We should ban talk about ranks and even ranks all together.