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Sony - make.believe


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Jan 10, 2009
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Version 1

Version 2

I think version 1 is better, and my parent agree.
By the way, TBT say happy birthday to my dad!
The text and background are both really blurry, and the complete blackness on either side is boring. The text doesn't match the background at all either, when you're doing a sig where the text is the main focal point it needs to atleast somewhat resemble and blend with the background, otherwise they're 2 separate entities and completely boring to look at.
I like it except the black kinda makes it plain and boring.
Maybe if there was more color and the black covered it a little less..
#2 looks pretty nice, except for all the black space around it, you should cut out the middle :eek: that would look sick.
Most of it seems boring, it's very low quality (try sharpening more? :\), the 2nd version is bombarded with negative spacing (negative spacing is only good when it matches the depth of a signature), the 2nd version's focal recognition is pretty bad (you can't even see most of the logo), they're both somewhat boring to look at (I think I maybe nitpicking too much :p).

Anyways, I suggest not doing logo based focals. They're just not fun and are very hard to do imo.