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Smart_Tech_Dragons Interview


Senior Member
May 23, 2005
Another interview. By our local mod, SMart_Tech!

[13:37] jjbatjr2004: Ok,Hello Smart_Tech

[13:37] SmartValoo15: Hello System.

[13:38] jjbatjr2004: Hw was you day?

[13:38] SmartValoo15: Good, so far.

[13:38] jjbatjr2004: Thats grand!

[13:38] SmartValoo15: It sure is.

[13:39] jjbatjr2004: So,is it a great honor to be a mod or what?

[13:39] SmartValoo15:

[13:39] SmartValoo15: It is. It's something that you just don't buy. It's a great responsibility, and I'm glad that I've been chosen.

[13:40] jjbatjr2004: If you have seen my previous interview with Bastoie99,you might have more privellidges soon!

[13:40] SmartValoo15: Yes, I have been told that. I know for certain that soon, I will be a local mod of the basement area.

[13:41] SmartValoo15: That is what Storm has told me.

[13:41] jjbatjr2004: Ok.

[13:41] SmartValoo15: And yes, I know I have that Global Mod status coming sometime. I think they planned to do this all along, ever since the beginning of The Bell Tree.

[13:42] jjbatjr2004: Heh, well, I think we all hope that.

[13:42] SmartValoo15: True, very true.

[13:43] jjbatjr2004: Also, is it tough being a mod?

[13:43] SmartValoo15: Yes, and no. Yes, because sometimes you have to be on at certain times and close a lot of threads, which can be annoying. But, no because a lot doesn't happen where I mod.

[13:44] SmartValoo15: You pretty much get used to it.

[13:44] jjbatjr2004: Oh.

[13:44] jjbatjr2004: Is it fun?

[13:44] SmartValoo15: Yes, it is. Having powers like this, and chatting with the Admins is fun.

[13:45] SmartValoo15: I also feel that I'm now more part of the group since I've became a Local Mod.

[13:45] SmartValoo15: When I say group, I mean with the Admins.

[13:45] jjbatjr2004: Oh

[13:46] jjbatjr2004: S0,how long have you been a mod?

[13:47] SmartValoo15: About 1 month. I became one on July 10.

[13:47] jjbatjr2004: Larighty then.

[13:48] SmartValoo15: Actually, I've been one for over 1 month. Anyways, 1 month.

[13:49] jjbatjr2004: Ok

[13:49] jjbatjr2004: Now, have members treated you nicely?

[13:49] jjbatjr2004: Or are they mean and you have to warn them?

[13:50] SmartValoo15: Yeah, pretty much. There has been one exception, but I don't want to mention any names.

[13:50] SmartValoo15: Yeah to the first one.

[13:50] jjbatjr2004: Ok

[13:51] jjbatjr2004: brb

[13:51] SmartValoo15: Okay.

[13:56] jjbatjr2004: back

[13:57] SmartValoo15: All right.

[13:57] jjbatjr2004: So

[13:58] jjbatjr2004: Have you suggested any boards that are currently on TBT?

[13:58] SmartValoo15: Not yet. I have given some ideas, like various chat threads, and some other threads, Like the Gender thread in Tech Support, and the Screen Test at Off-Topic.
[13:59] jjbatjr2004: Ok

[13:59] jjbatjr2004: Just a random question:

[14:00] jjbatjr2004: Is it fun to have a little power.

[14:00] jjbatjr2004: To control memebers

[14:00] jjbatjr2004: And just having control

[14:01] SmartValoo15: Yes it is. On TBT HQ, I can (but I don't) edit your posts to say very funny and embarrasing things, and you couldn't do anything about it.

[14:01] SmartValoo15: :-D

[14:01] jjbatjr2004: lol,well,i did that once

[14:01] jjbatjr2004: on my forums

[14:01] SmartValoo15: Yes, having control is fun. Having a sense of authority can be good at times.

[14:02] jjbatjr2004: ok. well,with hat,my interview is over.

[14:02] SmartValoo15: Okay, see you all later. Remember, Live Chat with me Mondays & Wednesdays at 6 P.M. Central!

[14:02] jjbatjr2004: bye.
yay... another interview


i love the "BRB" part... it adds a nice touch


now the real question is...

Who will be struck next with the Interview bug

Smart_Tech_Dragon_15 said:
PIRANHA2 said:
yay... another interview


i love the "BRB" part... it adds a nice touch


now the real question is...

Who will be struck next with the Interview bug

It could be you.


i dunno... aim isn't being my friend at the moment...

unless you can do it on MSN... i'd prolly do it...
Ac1983fan said:
PIRANHA2 said:
Ac1983fan said:
well, I know I'll never be interveiwed.
heh... at the rate things are going, you could be next

I've never done anything here, though... Your a sage, ST's a mod, JJ's a awesome sig maker, Bast is a admin....
you've come though, thats something some other people havent done... you just have to be picked... i got to pick the person for the next interview (mino) maybe he will pick you

Bulerias said:
Uhm... why wasn't I ever interviewed? I AM Teh Bull.

I thought you were interveiwed twice, once by your brother and someone alse.

Oh, and...

Ac1983fan is the coolest!

(don't ask)