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RP Guidelines

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Dec 3, 2004
Hello Everyone, here at the TBT RP Board, the rules will be as follows:

1. Violence:
Viloence is ok, just not too much blood and gore. That will cause a thread to be locked if it gets out of hand.
Violent acts and gruesome scenes are not welcome on the Role Playing board.

2. Chatting (being spam):
Chat belongs in the Wishing Well. Chat found in a role-play thread will be cause for immediate locking action.

3. Advertising your thread:
Advertising can be done in the advertising board, but if you are advertising in another RP, the RP your advertising will be locked

4. Fan-Fics not continued:
All fan-fics that stop having additional chapters or remarks aout the chapters will be locked. there will be a two week gap for this to happen before they are locked. If you want to continue it, you can tell a mod via PM.

Nsider rules by GOTHKID
Wow, didn't know there used to be a RP board lol.
Hi there! Please take more care to look at the dates on threads before responding. This thread is from sixteen years ago and your response did not add anything of meaningful value to justify such a bump.
Not open for further replies.