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Feb 6, 2005
well, i'll just say it now as blunt as possible...

<big><big><big><big><big>Welcome Back TYoshi!</big></big></big>
may your NSider sig never change


yeah... you probably are wondering who in the world i am... im Piranha2 (see my name for details :p) its nice to meet you... if you dont remember me...i was at back at NSider for about 3 days (Early December) then left... then came back in January... right after you disappeared


anyway... nice to see you again

:) (i thought you died in a car wreck or something :p)

(i made this for all the people who cant say welcome back in the bulletin board if anyones wondering :))
Hey its JJ here,
I was wondering should I get Polarium for the DS? I tried the demo on the website, but I'm wondering if its worth it. is it?
...thats probably the reason i didn't buy it... im not all that great at puzzles

:p i just got stuck... on 5 :|
It's kinda hard, so if you're not the intelligent, thinking type, it might not be the game for you. I've played the multiplayer and all modes, they're really fun. You can even create your own puzzles to share. It's worth the money, but it's not something that'll take a short time to play.

PIRANHA2 said:
...thats probably the reason i didn't buy it... im not all that great at puzzles

:p i just got stuck... on 5 :|
you half to get it half black and half white
Nope, they can be horizontal rows of any one color and that row will disappear. The whole things doesn't have to be one color.