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PIKMIN042 Reports!


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OK, this is an idea I had, I'll make a report on upcoming Nintendo games and post my opinions and theories based on information, screenshots and videos. I get my info and screenshots from www.nintendo.com and www.ign.com

Advance Wars DS
The popular Advance Wars series is coming to the Nintendo DS. The latest game in the vaunted military tactics series features a new battle system that takes full advantage of the system's two screens. It will also ahve WLAN, but WiFi will likely not be in the game, unless it gets put in before the DS actually goes online.

Category: Strategy
Players: To be determined
Release Date: Announced
Publisher: Nintendo

Screenshot #1

This screenshot shows no new units on the bottom screen. On the top screen, a missile is shown heading for the battle location. This is likely to be a timed battle, where you have to defeat the enemies before the arrival of the missile.

Screenshot #2

This screenshot is pretty self-explanatory. It shows the game modes available. New to Advance Wars are Survival and Combat modes.

Screenshot #3

This screen shows a battle that seems to be focused in the air. The large building is likely an air base, and a new unit is shown on behind the Fighters. They are likely Stealth Fighters (which I said they should add ;)). If you look closely, you can see the faces of two new CO's in the top-right of the bottom screen.

Screenshot #4

This is another timed battle, where you need to destroy the (most likely) Ion Cannon floating in space. It also shows some new buildings (the purples ones near the shore) that weren't in any previous AW. They may be the method used to attack the satellite in space. The timer until the Cannon fires is on the top screen, below is likely the time left for it to be destroyed.

Screenshot #5

This is no doubt a CO Power, but of which type I can't tell. It may be a kind of CO power that can be combined to form one, uber-powerful CO power, but I am not certain.

Video #1
Click here for the WMP version
This basically just shows the tocuh screen being used to move units and a Stealth Fighter attacking a B-Copter squad. It also had two new CO's as well. If you look closely, you can see a satellite (which I think is an Ion Cannon) floating in the top screen.

New missions will have you commanding air forces in the sky on the top screen and ground forces below on the touch screen. You can also take the fight to the enemy in all-new Survival and Combat game modes. In addition to leading your army to victory with a slew of original COs, you can also clash with your friends over a wireless connection.
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WOW, I just had a test-run of Advance Wars at a store, and I loved it! I'll definetely buy Advance Wars DS! Good job with the preview!
WOW, I just had a test-run of Advance Wars at a store, and I loved it! I'll definetely buy Advance Wars DS! Good job with the preview!
Yeah, I am planning to do more in the future, but I don't know what game yet. Maybe Kirby DS.
I'm guessing my next one to come out sometime in early May, kay?