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New Linkin Park album

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I'm iffy on buying it. I heard some previews on iTunes when I went to buy it, but I wasn't feeling it. The Catalyst has to grow on me, so maybe the whole album does, too.
Nah, too busy at my building of Elton John albums and other 70s and 80s music.

I don't think I've heard anything from Linkin Park really.

Why not just torrent/use Frostwire/Limewire? I quit that crap; I want to feel like I own my collection. If that makes sense.
I torrented it just now. and so far it's one big pile of *censored.2.0*. please people, dont pay for this crap.

The great thing about the illegal downloads isn't downloading the music, it
Tom said:
I like The Catalyst. That's alright. As for the rest of the album, whatever.
I liked the bridge in that song. rest of it i didnt care for though.
I've only heard Catalyst and Waiting For The End, it's okay.
i went to a linkin park concert 2 years ago during the projekt revolution tour. i loved loved LOVED meteora. but omg. the catalyst, only time i will probably ever like is in the music video & mtv music awards perfomance. this album, horrible. >_<
David said:
Thunderstruck said:
I've only heard Catalyst and Waiting For The End, it's okay.
waiting for the end was alright. still not what ]I know, when i first heard it i was wondering who the heck i was listening to :p
in other news, Weezer released a new album that's full of sexyness.

but that's another thread
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