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Dec 2, 2004
We will be having meetings in the Gameroom, sorta like the official chat times. A moderator or admin will not have to be present, but it will be good if that is possible.

In these meetings, the point is to win the most rounds of a specific game. For example, today, we have a Tank Attack Meeting; when four people come, the gameroom is closed until the meeting is over. We then play a designated number of rounds, in this case, 5. Whoever wins the most will get a Bell prize that will be designated, in this case, 400 Bells. You can split up into teams of two as well, and then split the winnings.

Here, the meetings will be listed -

August 6th, 6 PM to 7 PM Central time - Tank Attack, 20 Rounds - GAMEROOM 1 - 1400 Bell Prize - The Winners are BULERIAS and Smart_Tech_Dragon_15, who split the prize!
August 12th, 6 PM to 7 PM Central time - Sub War, 20 Rounds - GAMEROOM 1 - 1200 Bell Prize
What happened to doing Sub War two Days ago. And can we have one today.
Please respond Bul or Storm.
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