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Looking back

Propaganda Man

Senior Member
Feb 27, 2005
Okay kids time for a good post >:D

by Bambam! muahahahhahahha

Ah yes TBT I know I had some good times here, I was fighting off some mushrooms with my might breath, but then I served them...then killed them

:) I have made friends, then enimies who are becoming friends, and learnt a lot about the internet. Before I came here, i didn't even know how to use paint XD

now look me I know everything there is too making skins on invisionfree XD

it is fun seeing how things were months ago....

I remeber when I first came here.. my thoughts were just this "wow, this must be a big forum" I had no clue storm made it, I thought it was like ACC on the business side

now its just another home


It is amazing how much I've learned....

what magor changes have you been through since you joined TBT?

What were you llooks at it when you first came and what are you looks now?
what changed for me?

not much... i learned how to make stuff... use fireworks... and a little bit of HTML...

i came here as someone older than everyone else, awkward... now i know everyone, tis pretty cool ^-^