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Kanaku Village's Secret


Deleted User

(Open RP.. please join!)

Name: Maximum Power

Nickname: Max

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Species: Hedgehog

Appearance: Max's primary colour is a dark indeigo, with bright neon green stripes running down each of his quills. He wears a worn pilot's jacket, and old fighter's goggles, inherited from his father.

Personality: Max is a bit on the cocky side, one of those "Fight first, ask questions later" kind of people. He's very determined, maybe too much at times, and will do anything in his power to keep his hometown safe.


Setting: Kanaku Village. A small town on the coast, Kanaku is known for its beauty. However, lately, some strange things have been happening.. horrific storms, massive crimes on the townspeople, and a strange murder..and the one person framed for everything that's been happening is known other than Max Power.


Let's begin..

It didn't take long for Max to reach the coast, sun reflecting off the water's surface as he neared the stream. The hedgehog skidded to a stop at the bank of the escarpment, looking down into the cool liquid almost sorrowfully. Bloody gits.. whoever framed him was going to pay, he'd make sure of that. All those crimes.. the murder.. everything was his fault according to the press. Sure, he was different.. the only hedgehog in town, but why did that make him so blunt a target? It didn't add up.

Max sighed, splashing water onto his face.




species: Squrrial Monkey

Apearance: Dark Brown, With Black stripes going down his back,
wears a darkblue baseball jacket always, and dark blue batting gloves.

Personality: always away from people, little sad sometimes, deep and misterious,
never really had a family died when he was 2. He doesnt have much friends stays away from people most of the time, unless there on his baseball team
Name: Oliver
Nickname: Huzzah
age: 16
Gender: male
species: JR Dog
Appearence: Whit with brown spots
Personality: Tough. thinks he can overcome the world.
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