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Kami Ren


Deleted User

Dear The Bell Tree

I would like to present a brand new forum that would suit you multi-anime fans like we are all. Why does this forum suits you guys? Because this new forum uses multi animes elements to put up the storyline and if you have new idea like new storyline , weapon, Famous NPC and etc you can even suggest it to us the forum administrator, me(don't worry I'm really tolerable!). We would like to have as much members as possible to let this community of animes fans grow bigger and bigger. Also it's not only an rp forum it has discussion section that would surely fit everyone.

This forum does not only uses anime element it can also use element from one of your favorite games, series or movies. We will try to place them in the storyline and fit it in the environment of this forum.

One thing is different from the other! It's that everything is negociable except for rules of course because rule are here to keep the order of the forum (such an evil thing those rules!)

I know your saying why join Kami Ren....(or thinking) The reason to join Kami Ren is to have fun... while other rpgs may be good the owner may not be as devoted as i am. I add many things weekly and it can be expected that every member will be involved in one of the storylines my moderation team and I created...