JJRamone2's Interiew


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May 23, 2005
Another one ofmy interviews.

[13:23] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: Ok,hello, JJRamone2!

[13:23] Manhorsedemon: hello Mr. Meltdown

[13:23] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: So

[13:23] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: How is the life of being a grat sig maker?

[13:24] Manhorsedemon: well, it's great, people really start to reconize you and praise/compliment you. Its wonderful.

[13:25] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: Heh, I even envy you a little.

[13:25] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: So, do have any abosolute best sig we can see?

[13:26] Manhorsedemon: hmmm...well

[13:26] Manhorsedemon: Its hard to say, I get better everytime I make a sig, though Ill get one I really like

[13:27] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: Ok,great!

[13:28] Manhorsedemon:

[13:28] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: Ok.

[13:29] Manhorsedemon: next

[13:30] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: Have you gotten alot of bells from sig making?

[13:31] Manhorsedemon: to be honest I was never really strict about the cash, I'm sure alot of people got away with out paying.

[13:32] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: Heh. Thats good, people who make sigs that are 200bells are too much.

[13:32] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: You do good with prices

[13:32] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: So, just a random question.

[13:33] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: If you could have a board of sig making, would you like the idea? You would be the president and get to order people around. You even get to employ anf fire people.

[13:34] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: Plus make a whole lot of sigs!

[13:35] Manhorsedemon: well...a board of sig makers would be pretty kool, I dunno If I would be the president though, there are alot of people better than me...but dont tell anyone. <_< >_>

[13:35] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: Heh, notalot, and i mean just at TBT.

[13:36] Manhorsedemon: well....yeah thats sounds like it would be fun

[13:36] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: Hmm....

[13:36] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: I'll see what I can do


[13:36] Manhorsedemon: kool

[13:37] Manhorsedemon: so, we done, or are there more questions?

[13:38] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: Just one more.

[13:38] Manhorsedemon: ok

[13:38] Manhorsedemon: shoot

[13:38] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: lol

[13:38] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: So, how long have you been making sigs and art?

[13:38] Manhorsedemon: well...

[13:38] Manhorsedemon: I beleive

[13:39] Manhorsedemon: I started...like a month or two ago, when I got photoshop CS 2, I could bearly use it so I went to the legendary frog forums and checked out some tuts, and here I am now!

[13:39] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: wow.

[13:40] Manhorsedemon: kool

[13:40] Manhorsedemon: well, thanks for the interview system, see ya.

[13:40] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: Bye

[13:41] Manhorsedemon: oh

[13:41] Manhorsedemon: and feel free to post this on TBT

[13:41] Manhorsedemon: bye

[13:41] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: Ok,thanx!

[13:41] SYSTEMELTDOWN911: Bye
Yeah, I saw that sig a while ago, you misspelled "awesomeness". <__<