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Japan isn't fair!!!


Senior Member
Dec 3, 2004
A long time ago, (like about a year) I was just roaming the internet for game info, when, in one site, I saw the following:

Animal Crossing 2

Being the Animal Crossing fan I am, I clicked it. (note: the above is not clickable) It said that it was only in Japan for the time, and there's still nothing on it for America on Nintendo.com! (I think) I'm sure it's not ACDS because the screenshots I saw were single screen screenshots. (no pun intended) In other words, Japan thinks we don't care if they keep some games over there, never to have an English version. I say war! OK, maybe not war. But maybe a deal.
Japan's second AC is actually our first. Ours was better than there's on N64, so Japan made another one that pretty much is equall to ours.
BASTOISE99 said:
what was the one like?
It had bee ointment, new animals, and access to the island without a GBA. Also, you could take a snapshot of what was going on if you pressed the Z Button.