insane game...


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Feb 6, 2005
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so yeah, i was playing on worldwide awhile ago... and i got matched up against 3 other people... 2 were alright, and one had a record that was like 138 - 12, i was pretty sure he was a snaker... so i started choosing all the nonsnaking levels.

The first level was DK Pass, and i was getting ready to lose, we got in, all 4 of us were being yoshi, they all used the same car, i used my beauty (the egg 1) and mannaged to stay in first through the entire race : o

i was thinking something must be up, then one of the guys got disconnected, i just kept holding it, and eventually won, i was like "wow..." because i was totally expecting to get swamped.

**pauses to watch little brother attempt to shave**

anyway, the next race was at the Figure 8 Circuit, i was getting ready for the kid to snake on me, but, to my amazment, he didn't... we had a good race, and i walked away with another win.

the next race was the Mario Circuit, i was getting a bit more confident, because i had won the past 2 races... we raced, neck and neck the entire time... i was in third on the final lap, the two were bashing eachother behind me, then i placed the
I played two Snakers, it was really stupid.

I constantly chose Delfino Square, but I never won....

I had to disconnect because my Mom was yelling at me to do my homework. ...__<
One time I raced against a dude and won 3/4 races.The only reason why I lost the last one was because it was Rainbow Road. <_<
I only played against one snaker, and the only track I saw him snake on was Wario Stadium.I PWNed him though.
Pretty intense match. Hope your brother didn't get any severe injuries, or maybe something like "razorphobia."


But seriously, I've never raced a snaker before, so I really wouldn't know what to expect...
[quote="] Was that guy with 138 - 12 named [DSU]Xian? I know him from the DS Union. He is pretty good, it's scary. [/quote]
no, this guys name was actually "Jesus" >_>


heslit his thumb... he was cleaning it off... and i guess it skipped his mine that its called a "Razor" for a reason.

I played a snaker on Rainbow Road (my choice) he kept falling off. I almost lapped him. Then he disconnected. Don't you hate cheaters?
NookPTP said:
I played a snaker on Rainbow Road (my choice) he kept falling off. I almost lapped him. Then he disconnected. Don't you hate cheaters?
Ya I hate them,What I do is stay like in last place until the last lap,get some good items and Boom first place

I racing people that play the game 24/7 so they can master everyone on wifi. I'm ok so they beat me alot.
People who constantly boost. Notice them if they always choose Figure 8 Circuit or Luigi Circuit.
I was going verse 2 snakers and someone bad...they disconnected

:p so thenthe 2 snakers were battling it out, on the last race whoever won, won (well, besides me :p) so kinda at the end of the race, a little before, I bombed one of them, I was sooooooooo like laughing!