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Important Links


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Dec 19, 2004
Here are some links to the most important topics and places of The Bell Tree forum.

Notes: Do not post in this topic while it is unlocked, as it is being updated and your post will be deleted after the update.

Last Updated: February 11, 2006

The Bell Tree Forum Rules- Here are the rules for the forum. Be sure to follow them.

TBT's IRC Chat- This is TBT's Live Chat. here will be held trivia and live chats.

Arcade- Tired of posting? Want to have fun? Then this is the place for you.

Members of TBT- This is a list of all the members of the Bell Tree Forums.

The Moderating Team- Here you will find a list of all the Admin's and moderators.

Top 10 posters - This is a list of TBT's top 10 posters.

Last Click- Have you always wanted to see what everyone is doing on the forum? Well here you can!

Get support here- Need help with anything forum related? get the support you need here.

The Rank FAQ- Have a question about the ranks? Get that question answered here.

The Member Library- Info on the members and staff.

Official TBT Rank Thread- Want to know what the ranks are? Here you can.

Smilie and BBCode FAQ- Need help with BBcodes or smilies? Get your questions answered here.

TBT Slang Guide- Want to know what a weird phrase means? Get the meaning here.

Who's What Gender List- Want to know what gender is a member of the forum? Get your question answered here.

Suggestions- Think you can make TBT a better place? Then post what you think would make TBT better in this board.

For any typo or broken link, please pm me.