I'm Restarting...


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Jul 11, 2010
Dragon Tokens
Okay, I've decided to restart (again!), but this time it's for definate. Before you ask, the reasons I've chosen to restart are:
1. Grass wear, my town looks horrible, so in my new town I'm gonna take advantage of it and make some pretty sweet dirt paths!
2. I'm sick of my town layout, in my new town I'm gonna keep trying until I get a town layout with an island with a character's house on it, but I don't mind as long as I get an island.

My new town will be called...*drum-roll*...Redwood!

Yes, I know it's named after a place in the US, but I saw this and was like: "That'll be my new town name!", since I really like it, and red is my favourite colour, and Redwood sounds all wild and that. So, all the people who have me on their Friend Lists, defriend me and wait for a PM saying: Redwood FC!
But, before I can restart, I need someone who I can TRUST to hold onto my items while I'm setting up my new town. Also, I need to get rid of my gold roses, so anyone who wants to take some is welcome. :D
Anyone!? PLEASE! My town is filled with gold roses and you take as many as you want if you help me out!