i'm having a super awesome partay!


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May 10, 2010
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My cousin's at my town right now, so if you wanna join the wild world party, just post right here! I can accept 2 more people, so hurry!
We're also having foods, prizes, bell giveaways, and games! You can also visit my house and i:l give you a tour of everything!
Oops wait..I meant city folk. And she's at my town on wild world. I'm so bored, so someone has to come!
Sure will! And would you mind coming to the WW party, too?

FC: 3267-0518-1996

Name: Jalyn

Town: Hawaii
Do you know how to get there? Go to Copper and say I wanna go out, he'll say you don't have wifi then give you the option of saving the game to change your wifi settings. Say yes then it takes you there. Click ready on one of the options, then enter your wifi password, if you have one. Say save settings, then test the connection. Then you have wifi for the ds.
yeah i did that but it dosent get the internet its says that they cant get the access point or something