Furry Sparks

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Mar 28, 2005
i LOVE icecream



:wub: i have it for and after every meal. i can't sleep without it! I have a full tub at night and when i wakeup its emptey then i lick the lid and stick my head inside the tub and lick the sides and stuff. My bed is so sticky and i have no money left beause i spent it all on icecream when the icecream truck comes i always get about 10 ice cream cones and eat them right away


:wub: and i wish had a pool filed with it

:wub: then i can swim and eat my icecream at the same time!

:wub: i beat someone up for icecream yesterday. my keyboard is so sticky and the keys stick so i make lots of typos. Yep so now you know ho much i live icecream i'm in my room eating icecream out of my fridge full of it now i'm gunna go to the store and get more of it

holy crap, i just cried with laughter there


thats awsome, you didn't dumb it down at all


good job!