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I take RV requests! Anyone want to visit? [Idle]

titanium sparrow

manky lil coyote
Oct 14, 2018
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I'll happily open my town if anyone wants to friend me and visit! (I dont know how to friend someone on the DS tho, so please let me know, lol!) XD

I've got a bunch of RV amiibos, I can do requests or a random one (I dont have all the RV amiibo cards, but I have a lot!). Just ask and I will check. I wont be active in the town, but I'll be idle (looking at it) for prob around 4-5 hours (from posting this) - if people want to visit. I'll leave 1 hour before starting up the game, to take friend requests, if anyone wants to visit. <3

I've never had non-local friends over, so I'm a bit shy lol ;__; All I ask is that you dont trample flowers or wreck/damage anything, and that, if it seems that a lot of people will come., that'll you go to the RV and finish up, as to save time. <3 I assume everyone on this forum is nice enough to not do any damage, heh ^.^; And if there are any no-gooders here that maybe someone will warn me, lol ;__;

Remember that buying from a non-local RV costs a bit more than if you have the RV at your own place. <3
Hi there! I'd like to visit :D

I believe you register friends but going out of the game temporarily via the home button, selecting the orange friends icon at the top of the bottom screen (looks like a face!) and going from there. My FC is below in my signature; let me know when you've added so I know when to head into the game!
Is there any RV you'd prefer? I can see if I have the card! Is the FC the code you've got, 366+++ ? :)
Yes, that's the one! And I'm not super familiar with which villagers came with RV cards... How about you choose a villager that you think is neat but underrated? Like they aren't super popular but have cool stuff and a nice vibe
Will do! I'll check who has some nice looking items, and I'll open in about 10 mins from now! I've also added your friend code :'D
hmmm that's strange :0 I've opened the gates for faraway friends. i'll close and re-open, should take 1 minute from posting this!
Ahh Ellie is so cute! And what a nice RV: I got the serving cart in silver (saves me having to refurbish one) and the fruit drink that will go nicely in my basement bar. As well as a wall plant from Nat.

I enjoyed your path and walking thru your town! Nice layout. Thank you for having me over and if you'd ever like to visit my town sometime before the shutdown in 3 weeks I'd love to have ya over :D
Thank you <3 I must go on a trip at some point before closing, for sure. Glad you enjoyed her RV! I saw the drink on the database/list online and was like ahh I love when they have those cute items, lol.
Just let me know if you have any RV requests. I dont have em all, but I can always check!
16th of March:
I will be doing another RV card today if someone wants to come visit!
Today, from posting this, I am available on this forum for about 2 hours (so we can exchange FC codes for anyone who wants). I have work today, so around 5 hours after posting this, I can open my town (and invite an RV), if anyone wants to visit.
I cant access the forum during those hours tho, as I am at work and can only idle in my town. <3

If anyone has any RVs in mind they would like, feel free to ask here and I can check if I have it!
Do you have boots and toby (sanrio) rv?
I have Boots

But I dont have Toby. I dont think I have any sanrio, as far as i remember!
I have Boots

But I dont have Toby. I dont think I have any sanrio, as far as i remember!
Can I come visit boots? I'm available right now if possible
Sorry didn't see your message!
My fc: 4615 - 6211 - 3287
3ds name: イリス
Mayor: KOH

Ill add you and come over!
17th of March:
If anyone wants me to do an RV, let me know and I can check if I have it! <3 I'm off work today, so I may be available most of the day. I will be checking in here on-off throughout the day, between projects. <3