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I have helped create The ACDS yellow pages


Senior Member
Jul 1, 2005
I have helped found (I thought of the Idea, another did the rest) the ACDS Yellow Pages. It is for all the buisnesses to have their own board, and the perfect way for a cutomer to easly find a buisness that suits his or her needs. I has wondering if anyone has any companys (besides Bell Guard or Raters Guild) that I should add? I hope this action I took was okay. It is a way for a customer to find the service he wants!
That was fast... And I was writing a responce too...
here it is

It could concern part of this board. I'd like to contain as many ACDS companys as possible in the near future, and I believe I might need the permision of Bul or Storm to add BG to the site, as well as I need to ask Fish if RG needs to be added. If it is addvertizing, I appologise, and wish for it to be moved at once. Bul said in another thread,

This does not directly relate to TBT. I didn't know we were able to put other sites worrys in TBT HQ. Can I make a topic about SSC getting new smilies?

Yeah, you can, but I still think that those things are better suited for Off-Topic...
, and I guess me needing permision to add BG to a directy is sort of off-topic...
Doesn't realy apply now though...