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They grade what kind of furniture you have, clutter, etc.

Here is a guide by ACC:

We all have our own unique tastes and we all have our own style, but when it comes time for the HRA to judge our interior design skills there is a system. The following guide shows you how to get the best scores from the HRA. After all, you will need a high HRA score to get the House and Manor Models to complete your catalog. So turn off the Christopher Lowell show and follow this guide because all his tips go out the door in Animal Crossing.
Who is the Happy Room Academy?
Nobody knows exactly who are members of the HRA but we do know they're tough when judging your interior design skills. You must first complete all your tasks for Tom Nook before you will start to be judged by the HRA. From then on you will receive a letter each day from the HRA with your score.

Making the grade with Themes, Series and Sets.
Do not confuse Themes, Series and Sets. These are 3 separate categories and their placement in your house is important to getting a high HRA score. A Theme is a set of decorative objects that don't serve much purpose besides making a room look cool such as the Chess theme with life size chess pieces that form a large chess board. A Series is a group of matching functional furniture like the Kiddie Series with its colorful dresser, bed and other fun furniture. A Set is a small group of matching pieces that don't fall into either Themes or Series. Some Sets are functional furniture, while others are just useless, but fun accessories. An example of a Set is the Froggy Chair and Lily-Pad Table which are both part of the Frog Set. Completing a Series, Theme or Set awards you extra HRA points so make sure that when you see Saharah or Wendell you get the rare carpets and wallpaper they give you. They count towards completing a Series or Theme. You will find a whole list of furniture and what Series, Theme or Set they belong to in our Items section. The list on the right shows the HRA point system (thanks to Homer for supplying this).

Tips to getting a high HRA score
Although completing Themes, Series and Sets awards the most HRA points it also matter where they are placed. You will get the most HRA points if you have your Series or Themes on the first floor and various completed Sets on the second floor. It's not a good idea to mix Sets, but you can have multiples of the same Set and you will be rewarded with extra points. Rare pieces also award a lot of HRA points. Rare pieces include items you find from special characters in the game and also include mementos that you will receive from Tortimer during special events. There is a complete list of the Special Characters and the rare items they give you in the Characters section. I'm sure you've all heard those dreaded words "clean your room," from your parents at some point in your life. Well, you won't escape that in Animal Crossing. The HRA will deduct points if you have items cluttering your house. If you have extra shirts that you want to keep or have raffle tickets that you don't want to carry around, put them away. Most cabinets or dressers let you store 3 items. Otherwise put them in your basement. The HRA does not deduct points for anything left in your basement.

HRA Point System

This is how the rating system works:
Completed Furniture series 48,000
Wallpaper and carpet of same series 10,000
Wallpaper or carpet of same series 4,800
Complete necessities from same series 16,000
Complete necessities from different series 4,400
Themed furniture (per piece) 7,000
Themed furniture (bonus for complete set) 15,000
Wallpaper and carpet from same theme 10,000
Complete furniture set (per piece) 3,000

Points for each item
Items bought from Tom Nook 51
Items bought from Crazy Redd 412
Items from Saharah 412
Items from Wendell 412
Items from Gulliver 412
Items from Igloo resident 412
Items from Tortimer (that can be bought) 412
Items from Tortimer (that can't be bought) 1111
Items from Jack 1031
Items from Jingle 1224
Items from Snowman 888
Gyroids 821
Tom Nook Lottery prize 1029
Limited time items (Harvest series, etc.) 700
Clothes/Fish/Insects 3
Fossils (after appraisal) 3
Birthday Cake 1000
Completing museum collection 1111
Starting a savings at Post Office 1111
Maxing Happy Room points 1111
Winning Fishing Tourney 1111
Items from Animal Island 1300
NES games from Animal Island 1983
Secret Furniture (e-Cards) 1000
Other NES games 1000

Hope that helps.

Triforce3force said:
The HRA has no taste. I love my house, yet they give it slightly under 50,000. I do my house the way I want.
They do the same to me....
i finally cleaned out the junk in my house about a week ago, now i get anywhere from 103000 to 110000 hra points each day.
DarthGohan1 said:
i finally cleaned out the junk in my house about a week ago, now i get anywhere from 103000 to 110000 hra points each day.

I have just a bunch of items and I don't have a theme yet.