How's Your Salad?


total a-hole
Jun 19, 2005
Ok, well. This topic has nothing to so with salad, let me warn you.

Now, on with the post.

Just to let you all know, and before I say this, I know I'm not the 'coolest' or most active guy I once was, which is why I am saying what I am saying.

Meh, I'm taking a break.

Once again, I have ravled myself in WAY to many forums, and I need a break from some. I'll still be at the NSider, and for any posts at Aostco (RARE :eek:) I'll deal with those once I return.

Thanks for a good one, until then:

Pokefab. :ph43r:
never got to know you
i give no fake signs of tears
its ur fault u never got to know me
im always on AIM or MSN which is a perfect opertunity to get to know me
but you never took the liberty to IM me at all..........
well, maybe i'll see you at nsider, otherwise when you come back, which is better soon than late. have fun on your 'vacation'.
School is making so many people stay away from the's torture. Well, goodbye, I hope you come back.