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How often do you watch/rewatch shows?


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Mar 17, 2018
The Bell Tree World Championship 2021 Patch
i’m currently on my fourth rewatch of hunter x hunter, and i can definitely say i rewatch shows more than i start new ones LOL. it may sound stupid but i get worried that i’ll stop liking my current favorite shows as much or forget them if i start new ones. that being said i’m also open to starting new shows if they peak my interest. a lot of the time however, i just end up rewatching the same shows i love so much

bonus question: do you ever stall on finishing a show you’re watching/rewatching, because you don’t want it to end yet?
I don't really rewatch shows unless they really stole my attention. The only two shows I've ever rewatched are My Hero Academia and Black Clover, but it's because I loved them so much that I wanted to watch them again, but dubbed. Other than that I don't really revisit shows unless it's something like ATLA (that I could catch at various times, but not necessarily fully watch it again), lol.
Shows are too much of a time commitment. I can definitely love a good show, but I seldom watch them to begin with. I'm a little more open about rewatching movies though.

The most I've done is rewatch highlights and clips on YouTube of scenes that I enjoyed.
I used to rewatch shows fairly often when I was younger but I don’t anymore; plus I don’t have my ps4 hooked up atm so I can’t. I still need to catch up on the anime that I was watching. After that, I’d like to try watching some other anime. 🙂
I did rewatch some of my favorite anime, yes. It's funny this thread popped up, because I was highly considering rewatching the masterpiece that is Eyeshield 21. It doesn't have a complete dubbed version, so I ended up watching it subbed the first time around. I consider it my favorite anime and I'd definitely be open to watching it again. Another anime I recently did a rewatch of was Big Windup! That anime hits close to home for me. I'm more likely to rewatch an anime than start a new one, lmao.
I may rewatch something, due to memory losing all things I remember from the show, so need to rewatch. Or if i am having a bad day, and watching something I enjoyed, and finished, makes me feel better.
It usually depends on how long the series is, if the episodes are too long, I may just try and find a specific episode I wanted to see, or a series I haven't seen since childhood.
Though, I haven't really finished many shows, which I feel bad about, and when I leave it for a bit, I forget, and will have to watch everything from episode 1 again, which I don't mind. I sometimes can get sucked up into a show, so it shouldn't be too bad.

I need to watch Craig of the Creek again, because I never finished it, and would like to see the older episodes again, before watching Jessica's lil adventures. She deserves everything.
Very rarely now. I did a ton growing up and I kinda regret it since I now I feel overplay from them. I watched the SpongeBob movie like 15 times.

I’m tempted to rewatch the Good Place though since it’s my favorite TV show. I loved the humor and characters so much.