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Junior Member
Apr 6, 2024
hi everyone! i used to use these forums when i was in like middle/high school, but then i stopped playing animal crossing for a few years so i stopped being on here. college also takes away a lot of free time. i have new horizons, but i only played it for like 2 months in 2020 before i stopped 😅 (i don't even use my switch anymore it just sits there...)

then i found out about the online shut down for new leaf, and that convinced me to pick my ds up that i also haven't used for years to finally complete a town! eventually i want to go back to new horizons once i complete my new leaf town because it's basically still a new game to me lol

but anyway, thats why i'm here! hello!
hello!!! welcome back C:

who are your villagers in new horizons and new leaf?
when you decide to go back to new horizons, let me know if you need anything ^u^ i have a bunch of duplicate recipes i can offer up
Welcome back! ✨

Did you play New Leaf much before you stopped playing? I hope you enjoy revisiting your town! Do you have any favourite villagers in your New Leaf town? 😊
Welcome back to the forums! ☺️ I hope revisiting and finishing your New Leaf town is going well and that you’re able to do/get everything you want in it before the servers shut down!

Also, your username is making me so hungry hehe