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Jan 3, 2024
Old Eggs
Hello! I'm Mackenzie. I've been playing New Leaf for a while but I didn't start trading and stuff online until a few months ago. Idk if people normally do this but here's few fun facts about me:
~ My favorite furniture series is the cabin furniture
~ My favorite special characters are Harriet and KK Slider
~ I got the game for Christmas when I was 8 and I have been playing it for 5 years now
~ I dance competitively and am at the studio or performing 4+ days every week
~ On the rare occasion that I get some free time, I like to get coffee in game as well as irl : ]
Hi there, and welcome to the forums! I hope you enjoy your time here. Cabin is a nice set! My favorite is definitely the sloppy furniture set.
Thank you! I've used the sloppy set in happy home designer and I really like it. Recently I've been thinking about collecting it for the second floor of my house 🏠
Welcome to the forums Mackenzie! ✨

I haven't played New Leaf (only New Horizons), but it's definitely interesting to see your fun facts! I'm also a fan of the sisterly villagers! 💗 Do you have anyone in your town at the moment that you especially like?

Hope you enjoy it here!
I forgot to mention that I saved up my money for a switch in 2022 and got one as well as new horizons! My favorite is probably Flo ☺️
Hiii Mackenzie, welcome to TBT! I hope you have a fun time here! 💜

The cabin furniture is great! I’ve always liked how warm and cozy it looks. Is there anything you’re hoping to do in-game before the online servers shut down in April?

It’s awesome that you‘re a competitive dancer! What type of dance(s) do you do? ☺️
Welcome Mackenzie! I started with New Horizons in February 2022, and then I caved in and bought New Leaf a few months later. I've never had Flo on ant of my islands, maybe I'll move her in when someone leaves. I love K.K. too, I rushed through my first island to get K.K.! 🙂