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Hello there.


Oct 30, 2007
Dragon Tokens
Hello there!

Apparently I joined awhile ago and just forgot, how rude. Anyways, I'm Digital. I discovered this place through Nintendo Pipeline, an affiliate of this site, where I'm an active member. With all the hype and buzz about the 3DS and the upcoming release of Animal Crossing 3DS, I thought I'd join here to make friends and discuss Animal Crossing!

I don't have City Folk unfortunately, only Wild World. I can't play Wild World online either due to my router settings, but that'll change when I get the 3DS. That's why I'm so excited for it!

Anyways, hello and what not. :'D

I have a question aswell, I thought I'd post it here but I'll create a thread for it too. I would like my username to be changed. DIGITAL_IMAGE is long and all-caps, I was wondering if I could get it changed to just Digital.

Thanks in advance! I hope to get to know you all soon!