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Aug 1, 2010
Dragon Tokens
Im looking for a couple (maybe like 50) golden roses. It may seem like alot. but im making dirt paths and i need the roses to regrow grass. when its back ill move them into another dead grass spot. is there anybody out there who has some? :)
-Aaron said:
MrMr said:
This goes in the Auction House. Get a brain.
What's with the unnecessary hostility?
Yeah MrMr, you always keep dropping freakin' negative comments so be nice to the new members or don't say anything at all for cryin' out loud. :mad:

When it comes down to the Gold Roses Pipitone1317, I'll be glad to help anyone in Town Restoration so please PM me if you are interested in making a deal and arrange a time. ;)
MrMr said:
This goes in the Auction House. Get a brain.
Jeez, MrMr, sorry. I'm still learning my way around the site no need to be so harsh. Next time I'll use the Auction House. jeez...