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Golden Items

Desertmonkeymanaz said:
How do you get the golden items? And does Nook sell the slingshot at his store?
yeah, nook sells the slingshot at his store...

you get the golden items in different ways:

Shovel- bury a nomal shovel in the ground overnight, unbury it in the morning, it should be gold.
Rod- catch all the fish
Net- catch all the bugs
Axe- you have to finish this big "Quest" thing, where you end up giving pascal a special scalop.
Slingshot- shoot down 15 balloons, the 15th has your slingshot in it.
watering can- keep your town perfect for 16 days.

what the things do:

shovel- you can grow money tree's with it, by burying money
rod- nothing special, just makes you look cool for having one

net- same as rod, and is apparently bigger.
axe- never breaks
slingshot- shoots 3 rocks instead of 1
watering can- unknown.