FT Series 1-5 & WA NA and EU cards; LF Series 1-5 & WA NA (US-based)


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Apr 16, 2021
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Hello! I am trading both NA and EU cards; however I am only looking for NA cards in return. All cards are in mint condition and sleeved immediately upon opening. I send photos of the packaging, and when requested can provide post office receipts as well.

*All of my series 2 cards are NA. The rest are mixed.
*I would like to trade within the US for now. Possibly Canada if multiple cards are requested.

Here is a link to a spreadsheet with all the cards FT and LF:

Happy trading! :)
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Hi! I checked out your lists and found some that I need! I can take your #123 Fuchsia, #190 Vesta, #293 Rolf , and #301 Isabelle. Take a look at my list to find 4 cards you'd be interested in.
Hi, I’m interested in your EU WA12 Wade card! I have NA 270 Rooney. Idk if that’s enough, though. I also have a duplicate Petri I could throw in, though it isn’t in your list.
hi ! we both have a bunch of card each other needs and i was wondering if you’d want to do a bigger trade ! i’d be wanting to trade 4 sp cards and 10 normal based off of our lists if you’re interested, take a look a look at me list here : )
Hi, I have Egbert 136 and Hugh 178, and Tabby 220, interested in your 202 Blathers, 333 Lolly, 364 Zucker, or 217 Jingle. LMK if you'd like to work out a trade for any of mine! I also have a list on my own thread if I happened to miss any of them