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Sep 9, 2008
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You give me some, I'll give you some? This is for MP3. PM me or something when we can trade FCs. I curse that system.
Trilogy here, too.

yeah, the system is pretty whack. I just wanna take screenshots D:

p.s. - My Wii is nowhere near me at the moment, so I can't give you my friend code/trade vouchers right now, but I will be able to once I'm with it again/play through corruption a bit more, to get said vouchers (bleh)
Yea, Tom. Friend Vouchers. Hopefully my Wii works after this update. I'm worried. I hate it when Nintendo releases updates. They screw people over half of the time.
I don't have to have touched MP3 to send those out right? If so, I'll get the information tomorrow.
Okay. And I don't think you do. You just have to go into the extras or something.
I think you get a lot of the friend vouchers from MP3: Corruption, the most out of the three in the trilogy, but I think you get some (though not many) in the first two games, if i remember correctly.

prime 1 > all, btw. not really digging Corruptions P.E.D. suit.
You can't obtain friend vouchers in-game. You can only send them out. The person that recieves them gets them. You have to have someone send them to you.

Echoes was the best. Light Suit and Annihilator Beam = Beastin.
yeah, but don't you have to earn them in-game before you can send any?

play game > get token > send token to friend > friend receives token which evolves into friend voucher

doinitrong, ami?