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Fast Reply

Ya but there is an option where you can make a limit like you can post ever 15 seconds. That prevents spam! :evillaugh:
I find fast reply ANNOYING. too many people posting so short posts with such ease racking in bells just to get post count up and :eh: FREAKOUT!

In other words, I go against.
well, since tbt does not currently have a flood limit, we do not have fast reply available on all boards.
certain boards, such as forum games, do have fast reply because it's ok for people to make quick posts there.
as for people just posting for bells or whatever, that's somewhat nonsense...tbt is a place to have fun, not to worry about stuff.
sorry if this causes any inconveniences.
[quote="Flame] Still...some people have slower internet systems and need that reply button!

^_^ [/quote]
And some people's broswers don't support the Fast Reply button itself.
[quote="] this may be a dumb question, but what is fast reply? [/quote]
Fast Reply is a button that will be at the bottom of some threads in some boards. Insteading of click reply, which takes a little time to load and all that, fast reply brings up the post screen in a smaller, easier version. Although, it does not have all the features of reply, but [IRC] codes can still be used in it, as well as smileys.

Glad I could help. :yes:
Even tho I have dial up, which is a bit.. slow.

I disagree. I don't really want the fast reply feature.
This feature promotes spam, since all you gotta do to spam is just click a
button. And it makes spamming easier.

Even tho it might help us dial up users, it might not help the forum at all.
ok, thanks for helping, I don't care either way about fast reply, my internet is fast enough that the page loads pretty quick, and the reply buttons are useally first to load.