Farmer's Market

Dec 7, 2005
Old Eggs
Did you consider maybe having people work as farmers for fruit? You could get people with certain kinds of fruit trees to be your suppliers, and sell to the people who order them.

Or maybe fishermen, (Although those are harder to deliver consistently) to get certain kinds of seafood?

Or even florists, raising flowers as much as they can and then TBT could organize distribution. Pay the farmer a certain price and sell the fruit for a little higher.

And what about just plain deliverymen? If you get a lot of customers you might need people to deliver items and take payment.

sorry, just brainstorming.
We already have fisherman and I think we have flourist, but it is called gardener. I don't think we have thought of famer though. that's a relaly good idea.
what about a collector?
he/she*beakmanthegreatcould keep an eye out for certain items for people,
or collect fossils and paintings! :jay:
Yeah I was thinking about a job called a Broker. Where the person gets a request and the person uses ALL the friend contacts he has to try to get it. Because all those people know people, it's a big network of people that he communicates through and can try to find items for people.

:) Then he'd take a percentage.