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F-Zero GX Custom Machine Grand Prix (with prizes!)


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Dec 3, 2004
Welcome to the F-Zero Custom Machine Grand Prix! Basically, it's an F-Zero competition. Here are the rules:

Section 1: Basic rules

1.1 You will play in the Time Attack mode for all tracks.
1.2 Everyone is allowed to join; nobody's excluded. Even those who are not registered at TBT, as long as they have a relitive or close friend who is, may enter. If you don't, I reccommend registering here at TBT to enter.
1.3 Up to 30 pilots may enter.
1.4 You may not use cheating devices or cheat codes that will improve your performance.
1.5 You may use any tricks, including, but not limited to, snaking, space diving, and the mts, to your advantage.

Section 2: Scoring

2.1 When you finish a track, PM me your total time and lap times for the first two laps. DO NOT POST YOUR TIMES!
2.2 The amount of points you get is determined by your time compared to other pilots. If you had the fastest time, you get first place. If you had the second fastest time, you get second place, and so on.
2.3 The amount of points you get is the same as if you had placed your rank in a Grand Prix in the game. If you don't have the chart, here it is:

1 100
2 93
3 87
4 81
5 76
6 71
7 66
8 62
9 58
10 54
11 50
12 47
13 44
14 41
15 38
16 35
17 33
18 31
19 29
20 27
21 25
22 23
23 22
24 21
25 20
26 19
27 18
28 17
29 16
30 15

2.4 In the case that two or more pilots have the same total time, the pilot with the fastest time for lap one wins. If still undecided, faster lap two wins. If still undecided, the points for the ranks that are tied are averaged, rounded off, (down if two-way tie) and split evenly between the pilots.
2.5 You may provide a picture as proof, and in the case that two pilots tie, and one sends a picture, the one with the picture wins. Also, videos will be accepted, and win against ties with those who sent in pictures or just their times in text. However, you are not required to send in proof, as long as you don't lie.
2.6 If you do not send in your times in time, (no pun intended) you get no points for the track.
2.7 If you will not be able to make a track due to a vacation, etc. tell me IN ADVANCE, and I will permit you to send in your times late.

Section 3: Flow of Grand Prix

3.1 Ten different tracks will be raced on. They will be decided randomly right after a track has been completed, so not even I will know what's next until we have to race on it.
3.2 You have one week after I post the next track and standings to send in your scores.
3.3 You may race on a track as many times as you wish, but the times you send me are final.
3.4 A track cannot be from the same cup as the one the previous one was in.
3.5 Any one track cannot be picked twice.

Section 4: Restrictions

4.1 You must use a custom machine.
4.2 In this Grand Prix, a custom machine is classified as a machine made out of three parts, obtainable from the custom parts shop or parts that you have from the beginning. This does NOT include any of the four starting machines or any of the 37 obtainable through the machine shop or F-Zero AX. So you may NOT take a machine like the Blue Falcon, add an emblem, and call it a custom machine.
4.3 You may use any parts to build your custom machine, and painting and adding emblems are up to the choice of the pilot.
4.4 You must use the same machine during the entire Grand Prix, however, I may allow everybody to change one part and only one part halfway through.
4.5 You may repaint and add/change/remove emblems at any time, even during the Grand Prix, and without limit to the amount of times you do so.
4.6 You must have the Diamond Cup (unlocked by coming in first place in the first three cups in Grand Prix mode on standard difficulty or higher) because there will be at least one track from every cup except the AX cup. (I don't have it yet)
4.7 There are no other restrictions other than those listed above.

Section 5: Registration

5.1 To register for the Grand Prix, post or PM me the name of your machine, or the three parts it's made out of.
5.2 The only things required to enter is that which is needed to play F-Zero GX.
5.2 Fake machine names will not be allowed. In the case that you enter a machine with a name that is or appears fake, you will be asked to name the parts it is made out of.
5.3 You cannot slip a fake name in; I have ways of checking every machine name entered to see if it's fake or not.
5.4 Unless you haven't sent me any times yet, you can't drop out, but you may quit sending me times.
5.5 You have until March 26th to register. On March 26th, the second track will be posted if we don't have 30 pilots by then.
5.6 No matter what the date, if I don't have 10 or more registered pilots, the second track will not be posted until I have 10 pilots.

Section 6: Prizes

6.1 The first place winner, not including me or PKMNbro, will recieve a custom made sig. Please note that I'm not too good, but can do quite a bit, so try not to ask for anything too complex.
6.2 The pilots placing first through fifth, not including PKMNbro, will recieve an animated sig add on saying, "F-Zero GX Custom Machine Grand Prix (insert place here) place winner!"
6.3 The pilots placing sixth and lower, not including PKMNbro, will recieve an animated sig add on saying, "F-Zero GX Custom Machine Grand Prix pilot" Note that you must send in times for at least five tracks to recieve this.
6.5 The pilots placing first through fifth, not including me or PKMNbro, will recieve TBT bells from me. The following chart indicates the amount for each position:
Rank Bells
1 300
2 100
3 50
4 25
5 25
Purse: 500 bells
6.4 More prizes may be added.
6.5 Only pilots registered here at TBT or at NSider (who has relitives/close friends registered here at TBT, or is registered on both) are elgible to win prizes. Pilots only registered at NSider are not elgible to win bells, unless they register here at TBT within a week of prizes being awarded.
6.6 The pilots placing first through third, not including me, PKMNbro, and anyone else without an e-mail address, will recieve a gmail invite. For more info on gmail, check out storm's post "Reward for inviting three people" in the announcements board.
6.7 If a pilot is not elgible for a prize that he or she would normally recieve, that prize goes to the next pilot down. If still unawardable, the prize goes down again, until it reaches a pilot elgible for the prize.

Section 7: Other

7.1 If a pilot sends me their times shortly after I post a track, I may allow that pilot to move on one track, but only one track.
7.2 These rules may change at any time without notification. Check frequently to make sure nothing has changed. However, be assured that nothing that will affect actual gameplay will be changed after the second track is posted.
7.3 If you are found cheating in any way, you will recieve no points for the track currently being played.
7.4 Have fun, and do your best!

Well, now that that's over with, let's get to the first track. It is...........*is taking playing cards out, getting out twenty cards, assinging each to a track, shuffling them, and picking a random one*..........Sand Ocean: Lateral Shift from the Diamond Cup! So, a hard one pops out right at us. I'm not too fond of this one myself; I'm gonna have to try hard on this one!

You've probably figured it out by now, but I am entering in this contest. I'm entering my not-half-bad machine Super Barrel-Z.

The rest of this is for editing

1: Sand Ocean: Lateral Shift (Diamond Cup)

Key: Pilot's SN/Machine entered/time recieved or not/points so far/rank
1: PKMNRULES!/Super Barrel-Z/Got time, but I'm probably gonna do bad with it/0 pts/1st place tie
2: PKMNbro/Shock Lynx-G4/He can't do this track! He automatically gets 0 pts!/0 pts/2nd place
3: STORMTROOPER88888/Shock Lynx-G4/Times not recieved yet/0 pts/1st place tie

27 more pilots may join
I might get another pilot to join: my brother! If he does, I'll refer to him as PKMNbro, like I do at NSider. And yes, he does have his own custom machine.

Edited in: He did join! And after about five times of hearing the following out of the speakers of the TV we play the cube on: "Off course!.....Retired!" He gave up on the thing! Zero points for him! A big, fat, <big><big><big><big><big><big><big>0</big></big></big></big></big>! That's why he's in second and I'm in first; I actually finished the track, though with a crummy time, so I'm guarnteed to get at least 16 points! Though both of us have 0, I will have points, he won't! However, there are less than ten tracks that he can't do, so there's no doubt he'll have at least 15 points by the end of the Grand Prix.

On a side note, I need some pilots! I'm not starting without at least 10!

2nd Edit: Silly me, I'm not guarnteed to get at least 15, PKMNbro fills 30th, so the least I can get is 16 points!
More good news! I have few good friends just next door to my house, and I'll see if they'll join. There's three of em' but one rarely comes. I'm bound to get at least one, maybe two, but I doubt three.
Wow, considering the 84 other members registered, it's unbelieveable that I haven't gotten another pilot! You'd think that at least one person would find this interesting!
I'll enter my Shock Linx G-4. What do I have to do?
Well, the first track to do is Sand Ocean: Lateral Shift, so just do a time attack on that and PM me your lap one and lap two times, as well as your total time. You don't have to have a pic with it, but if you do, you'll win ties in the event of a tie. After that, we just wait for enough entries.

Btw, I was thinking of having bells as prizes. If I could have the ability to give out my bells, I could make that possible.
I'll let you give out bells. But no one else yet. (I'll let all the Sages give them out)
I'll let you give out bells. But no one else yet. (I'll let all the Sages give them out)
Cool! *edits first post*

But...how do we give them out?
Youll have to PM me, unles I alreayd see that someone should get them.