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Enter the Matrix

i beat it with both characters, im working on nrmal mode on it...its pretty hard. Whereare you in it?

:jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay: :jay:
I restarted, currently wondering what to do in the plane. What do you do with the bomb in the plane so that axel doesn't die?!?!?!?!?!?
I'm Niobe and it is the level where an agent should be in the plane and you need to protect axel. For some reason there is a gredade under my feet when I start the level and it always kills axel. What do i do!!!
I found the problem.
I can't have any codes on and I had one that I got from a CD on.
Beat it!
Hmm... I'm not really in to shooters, besides Halo 2, but...
im around the axel part

i think im on the driving part

but havent played in a LONG time

now u made me play it again

you guys are so mean and always do that to me

i'm not worried about a little :eek:fftopic:
but how did this get back up here?
when did I star this thread? March?