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Easy Toon Competition Version 1


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Jul 11, 2005
Old Eggs
As you all know Easytoon is a very simple program where skills are put to the test

you cant dl brushes for this (not like ur not supposed to, i mean its impossible)

its just straight up black and white animations

not greyscale

Black and white and greyscale are 2 diff things

black and white meaning theres only 2 colors black and white :|

this is pure skill baby

as most people know i have improved alot and since im hosting this i will not be participating

all entries must be done by themselves and must have there name IN THE animation somewhere

the more creativity you take to putting in your name the better :|

like look at this for example (btw u cannot use this type thing to use on ur name since i just posted it, if u do itl subtract MAJOR from ur final score)


as u see try to put some creativity in the way u display your name

this isnt contest is NOT about intro's its actually about any animation u can think of

dont matter what kind

Humor, Action, or eaven if it has a storyline

it dosnt matter

it can be a loop it can have a ending

only guidlines are it has to be made by urself and have ur name somewhere in the animation

if u dont have eztoon i have a link to direct dl for EZ toon in zip format, if u cant open zip IM me on AIM and ill send u the EXE


o yeah forgot

judges will be me and maby i can get a friend like sly to judge them also but prob itl be just me
maby JJ if he so desires


let the contest begin

(rmb it can be about anything, appropriate) also it MUST be your own work so put ur name in it to prove that

i guess i'll use this, its my best so far + my name is in it

oh and i might edit little things in it like getting rid of the random dots and lines that arn't supposed to be there
**this pic isn't my entry, the one in my post below is**
submissions due by tbt's anniversary

u may enter 2

also these will be majorly graded on artwork

so instead of doing sticks

just try to draw a person

it will also MAJOR mAJOR be graded on SMOOTHNESS

it has to flow, not be choppy if u know what i mean

so i suggest u insert a frame bettween every one of ur frames and make it smoother

if someone eaven attempted drawing a human like just the basics of one, instead of drawing a stickfigure and every1 else draws ball ani's and stickfig theres a good chance the guy with the basics of a human will win

the idea is to get better not stay the same level :|
i think i'll do a stick figure one anyway... it would make more sence with my animation


yeah... uhh... anyone want to tell me where the eraser tool is... i really miss being able to undo like 50 things...
Pie_Or_Die said:
@ fish

right click

or hit the big button on ur pen and hover over it if u have a wacom tablet
oh, alright, thanks


any idea how to refill the last frame's stuff... without like... redrawing it?

(just for the record, im a nooblet :eek:)
heres mine... first thing i've ever made... its... weird.

oh.. great... how am i supposed to upload this >_<
1. hit the save as gif button.
2. go to tinypic.com and upload it. (use tinypic for stuff like this)
ok... thats not working... it says gif is allowed, but when i host it, it says it isn't :|