Dr. Mario/Puzzle League

There was something brief about it in NP, i probably won't get it though...if I ever wanna play a puzzle game, I just go to my good old SNES (Really good yoshi-tetris type game, and others) or PKMN Puzzle League for N64.
I'm not into those kinds of puzzle games... They get old fast... I'd rather go for Meteos or something.
PIRANHA2 said:

it comes out the same day as ACDS


i prolly wont get it, i've beaten Dr. Mario... >_>
Hmm... tough choice... AC DS... or Dr. Mario Puzzle League....
Smart_Tech_Dragon_15 said:
I don't really care for puzzle games myself. I find them a little boring.
I haven't played meteos yet, but all other current puzzlers i have been highly disappointed by, exactly why i play them on my older systems. So if you dont have older puzzlers, i understand why you dislike the genre.