Do you think there are nonsense public works in the game?


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Jul 21, 2020
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Sooo I understand the hard work of Isabelle to replace every day the wood for the fire pit and after turn on the fire, but, I mean, I think it's not the best developers' idea to keep the fire lit during rain?
Same thing with the tiki torch lol
Also it's weird to see the firepit in my town always litting and instead the campground firepit is out during rain.
It bothers me a bit too much😭
The thing that really makes me laugh is when in summer the moths fly near - or rather - into the fire as if everything were totally normal HAHAHA
(I'm time traveling a bit in this period because I want SO MUCH to finish the town before the shut down of the servers and upload a dream address🥲I'm late, dramatically late I know🫠)
I'm pretty sure some of them actually lower your town's rating. Like the trash can and TV screen. Which I've always found odd.
Oh yes! It's odd indeed a public work lowers the rating because every public work is useful in some way, but it's a feature they implemented to gain the "perfect town" status with a minimum of "difficulty".
Also I think it makes sense that some public works are negative, such as excessively bright sources(illuminated sculptures) that pollute the environment or the drilling rig for example.
But others are perfectly normal in my opinion, like the trash can and the TV screen, I don't think they are such a damage
I've always thought the cube statue and the drilling rig were weird, and I always hated the mechanic where some PWP lower your chance of getting a perfect town. I do like that the solar panels and wind turbine make it easy to have a perfect town because it encourages clean energy, but why doesn't a trash can encourage keeping things clean?? The logic was weird and inconsistent.
I don't think I've ever seen anyone use the Pile of Pipes, Traffic Signal, Caution Sign, Do-Not-Enter Sign, Yield Sign, Video Screen, Drilling Rig, or Totem Pole.