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Do you own any indoor plants?

my dad grows a bunch of plants so our house naturally has a lot. some in the bathroom and a bunch in our living room.
i want to grow my own plant and keep it in my room but i haven't grown anything since like 2021
Please share plant pics if applicable! I thought this might be fun! Here are my plants below in the spoiler. Ignore the dead one on my plant shelf, I'm procrastinating throwing that one out 😅


I did have an indoor plant that someone gifted me but my cat started to eat it and it was toxic to cats which I didn’t know.

So I gave it away to a friend and now I have fake plants everywhere cause my cat will eat them or shred them hahah
Not me personally, but I'd like to (though probably best to wait until after the moving situation is settled). I did try to grow some little flowers from some seeds I got as a present with a tiny little dirt pot, but they never sprouted. ;; Not sure if I did something wrong with them or if it was a problem with the seeds/conditions/etc.

My family does have a potted vine of some sort in our kitchen though! Not sure exactly what it is, but I water it sometimes when it looks like it needs it. It even helped me complete a quest for a witch once.
Witch's Quest 5 - A Plant with No Flowers.jpg
I don't have any other indoor land plants rn, but I use to have some cati that was graphed to other cati. I had it for a few years. My dogs decided to eat it one day for some weird reason. It didn't have much for needles and they picked them off. I would love to try having one again in the future after they have moved on. I'm afraid to have another right now after that. Or any potted plant for that matter.. 🧹
I do have a moss ball and a couple of different Anubis in an aquarium and duckweed (temporarily).
I think it could be fun to give a indoor plant a name. 👀
No houseplants. This time of year I start garden plants from seed, so they're technically plants indoors. But once they all go into the garden by May, that's it for plants inside until next year.

Houseplants I think I'd probably forget about, so I don't have them.