Do you go on boat tours?

Do you go on boat tours?

  • Never

    Votes: 23 15.0%
  • Rarely

    Votes: 53 34.6%
  • Sometimes

    Votes: 52 34.0%
  • Often

    Votes: 18 11.8%
  • Daily

    Votes: 7 4.6%

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Lost in the memories
Sep 28, 2015
Dreamy Easter Egg
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Crescent Moon Easter Egg
Crescent Moon Easter Egg
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Dreamy Easter Egg
Recently I decided to try going on some of Kapp’n’s boat tours because I was close to reaching 30 trips in total, but I have to say this isn’t really something I want to continue doing lol. 😅 I’m at the next threshold but I find the 1k miles kind of pricey only to be brought to and island that is almost always nothing special. I usually just get brought to an island with my native fruit, some flowers, and camilla bushes which is pretty disappointing. I know there are cooler islands but the gamble doesn’t seem worth it to me.

How about you? Do you like boat tours and how often do you go on them? 🤔
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I go on the Kappa tours almost daily because I'm guaranteed a DIY or recipe, and I usually can earn Nook Miles pretty easily. I don't always bother with getting all of the fruit and resources though. My main focus is getting the DIY/recipe and hopefully getting the star-related island again.

I think having good luck from Katrina boosts your chances of getting a rare island, but which rare islands are available to you depends on how long you've been playing the day. You have to started playing at least the last day of a season in order to get that season's island, and the seasonal islands come with the seasonal DIYs. You can only get the DIYs for the glowing moss and hanging vines from the Kappa islands. The star-related island gives you star fragments and the DIYs that use them. The Kappa tours probably aren't worth it if you don't want to bother with getting all of the DIYs and don't need more materials.
I used to go everytime I played AC in order to farm bushes but now I hardly go because I have too many bushes! It's still fun to go every once in awhile in hopes of getting the cool islands.
The island just feels like an excuse to get players without the paid dlc vines and moss. A gyroid here and there too, but it really is a gamble.

There's just nothing it has to offer, unless you've played for over a year and can visit every special island (they're locked behind play time).
i feel bad that kapp’n is just waiting at the docks so i’ve been trying to go on more tours but i really do forget to do it.
in the same vaine, i’ve been trying to go through my nook mile tickets and going to islands to get more resources
I used to go on them a lot more when it was first introduced. Now I either forget about them or don’t have the time. I loved getting the shooting star island.
I do sometimes! Definitely when I remember, I like getting the gyroid fragments
Rarely. I did it a few times when it was first introduced. I was excited to get a winter island when it was summer. That just sounded neat. Of course I kept getting regular islands and the moss/bamboo ones. When I finally did get a winter one it was already winter on my island so it wasn't as special lol.
I like the boat tours! As my nook miles dwindle, I'm taking fewer tours, lol. I do love going to the different islands, seeing what's there.
I'm gonna be completely real and say that I had no idea that boat tours even existed in this game until I read this post 💀

Rly showing how invested I am in this game LOL
I went daily at first. Then I stopped to build up Nook Miles. Started back up daily. Taking a break to build up Nook Miles. (Blew a lot at the ABD getting DIY recipes.)

I'll start up again soon.

I do love Star islands and Bell islands.
I did them almost every day I played when they first came out, mainly for the DIYs, but now it's rare I get one of the one's I'm missing, and the "ooo new thing!" appeal has kinda worn off, so I only do them sometimes.
I have a tendency to forget about boat tours, but whenever I do remember, I find them pretty exciting. It's like a little adventure not knowing which island you'll end up on, even if it's not always the most thrilling outcome.
I definitely used to when I played the game but I haven’t touched new horizons in ages. I need the gyroids though….
I go every once in a while when I'm grinding for Nook Miles. When the "redeem Nook Miles" task pops up that's when I usually hop on the boat! Then once I'm there I can gather fruits and weeds and such that I will need to complete more tasks. Plus I still don't have all the DIYs or recipes so I don't mind the chance to find something I might need.
I used to go on them a lot as I wanted to collect the moss, vines and the plumeria bushes since they fit my overall theme really well. But once I got everything I wanted, I've stopped and that's just because I've completed my island.
I keep forgetting to go bc I stopped playing as often after the boat tour update... I need to keep going for more moss and vines but i tend to just harvest those from hhp