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Daddy-Mario Bro Day Care


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Jun 14, 2005
Daddy-Mario Bro Day Care


Proluage: Mario and Luigi have messed up with taking care of Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, and they both lost their jobs. And since there kids are lossing intrest in them they decide to start a day care center. Peach and Daisy both laughed. They made a deal. If they could do this then they would get somthing speacail. If they couldn't they would not trust luigi or Mario with their children ever!

I thought we could use a Mario fan fic

Dadd-Mario Bro Day Care!
Day 1
bum bum bum

Mario: Ha can you belive they think we can't take care of our kids! We were born to be DADS!

Luigi: Yes plumbers are a thing of the past, we are now DADS!

Mario: Now that we are DADS! and we have a day care center. We need to find some kids.

Luigi: Daisy said that Zelda was going to leave young Link here.

Mario: That sounds cool Young Link is pretty mature.

Luigi: And Bowser is also bring Baby Bowser!

Mario: Ok...Now we have a problem.

Luigi: Thats is it for now...*Knock Knock* That must be the door!

Mario: I'll go get it! *opens door*

Link: Hi guys! Just dropping Yuong Link off! Have fun!

Young Link: Bye dad!

(Link goes into onther room)

Link: Now if you lay one hand him I take this sowrd and slice your neck!

Mario: ! Mama Mia! Dddddon't wwworrry mrrrrr. Linkkkk sir....I 'll take good care of him!

Link: Now thats what I want to here! Buy Young Link have a good time!
(Link leaves)

(Luigi is on phone)

Luigi: Oh that is too bad....no no we want him....no I'm not sucking up...uh where do I live....<_< >_> uh 123 Fake st.

(Luigi gets off phone.)

Luigi: That was Mama Bowser, baby Bowser can't come today!

^_^ But... he will be here tommorow. Anyways lets get Baby sitting. But first a potty break Mama Mia ! Baby Luigi you are supposed to go in the toilet and you aren't sopposed to eat it!

Mario:...Were doomed....

To be continued....
ok this is the last one made so far...

Daddy-Mario Bro. Day Care!

Luigi: Ok Baby Luigi is in time out so what happend when I was....<__< >__> Mario where did you go!

Mario: Mama Mia! Luigi help...

Luigi! I'm coming! *he runs and trips over a rope*

Young Link: Hahaha you will never dress me!

Luigi: Holy guatamloe Young Link put some cloths on!

Young Link: You can't tell me what to do! Come Baby Mario and Luigi lets get our birthday suits on!

*Baby Mario and Luigi borthday suits were put "on"*

Luigi and Mario: Good gloyyl gosh put your cloths on!

Young Link: Never! *he runs out the door with Daisy and Peach driving home* FREE FREE WE ARE FINNALY FREE!

Dasiy and Peach: O_O.....Mario....Luigi!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mario: Mama oh just forget it Lugi we need to clean this place up quickly or...



:eek: No not again baby Lugi don't you find that discusting, I can't belive *baby lugi throws some at his mouths and Lugi eats it* You know, this isn't half bad!

Mario:....Were doomed.....
Nice job. :yes:

But there's one thing, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are Mario and Luigi when they are kids, not their children.


Baby Mario = Baby Mario
Baby Luigi = Baby Luigi
Baby Bowser = Baby Bowser
Young Link = Young Link
You'll need to repost this if you want to continue it, it doesn't make sense to have the alt start it.