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Could you make a rule that states...


Senior Member
Jul 1, 2005
There can be no more PMs like "Heres my FC, would you like to come to my town?" And stuff. I'll add whom I need to add, due to limited space, and some 'Noob' (for lack of a better term.)(even though some engaging may be long time members) PMing me does NOT convince me to come to their town. I got 32 spaces and TBT has 400 members. Guess what people? There is NO WAY I can afford to waste a space on someone I meet in a PM. And I got more than one forum to include on my list, so whatever room I got is certainly not going to NitroSoldier. I got (there using the technique more) one for MKDS and 2 for ACWW. I'd like these to be classified as SPAM PMS and be treated similar to advertizing PMs.
All you can do about those is ignore them, or say that you can't add them. But they won't be classifed as spam PMs.