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Splatoon Chill Season 2023 Discussion


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Jul 20, 2016
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Wow, we got lots for this update!

Obviously, spoilers for Chill Season 2023 ahead, so please read with caution.

There's a lot I like (it's going to be primarily Salmon Run because I play that most of the time):
  • BIG RUN is coming! I am impatiently waiting for it to start (it seems in about 30 minutes from my typing this).
  • Pre-determined egg count for gold for Big Run! That's much better to me than how competitive it was before...that's for Eggstra Work (and I love overfishing and play high EVP a lot, but to me, Big Run is supposed to be a collaborative thing!)
  • Checkpoints on stages in Salmon Run depending on if you have other bronze, silver, etc. badges for that stage helps you get a head start on EVP 9s climb. Oh THANK GOD. Now I can finally maybe get 9s on Jammin' Salmon Junction, my fave stage!
  • New specials in Salmon Run WOOHOO
  • New weapon kits are fun, but Reef-Lux's new one is disappointing. I haven't gotten to experiment much with the new specials yet. I get my butt handed to me whenever I play turf war these days, LOL.
  • Getting to exchange extra Sheldon Licenses for Shell-Out Tokens is a win for me! I just need to uh...buy all the weapons now.
  • I really like the new emotes, especially the Sarcastic Salute.
  • I've heard from people that the new stages are fun (not a big turf player).
  • So excited for FrostyFest and the new gear!
However, I do wish they could bring back more gear from Splatoon 2...I never played that installment, but there's a lot of gear and fits people made in that game that I really like and wish were in this game.
I played a little bit of turf war/ranked yesterday, and I enjoyed it! Bluefin Depot is good fun, didn't end up ever playing on Robo ROM-en but I'm looking forward to trying it out too. I forgot how hard it is to pick up new weapons lol, Neo Stamper has a learning curve and I'm unsure if I'll stick with it over the vanilla kit. The catalog is pretty fun this time, lots of cool emotes but I'm especially looking forward to the detective outfit.

Also, regarding Salmon Run, these changes might make me play it again! I loved it in Splat2 but I fell off of playing a while back due to general frustrations (been stuck in Profreshional+3 for so long now due to poor teammates... solo queue is painful). Big Run changes are also awesome, hopefully I can aim for the top reward now :)

I had no idea about the Shell-Out tickets??? Gotta go buy every weapon now, I have the urge to try my luck out!
I played through Big Run yesterday (Will play again soon) with my best friend. Safe to say it's quite the BLAST(er) so far CRUSHING these enemies and SNIPING em'. Especially, as the community calls the King Salmon...JOE.
The licenses being used as shell-out tokens is also genius. I had a lot of em', so it helped.
omg I didn't know Big Run was going on right now. I'm glad there are predetermined egg counts for the medals now, the count for getting gold was always a bit higher than I was anticipating. Salmon Run is tricky for me but I'm excited to try to get back into it with the changes, I've just been looking forward to the new turf stage and weapon kits I didn't realize there were so many other updates!