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Camp Redd Games


Senior Member
Jul 1, 2005
Made for Camp Redd.

Acorns V2 -Dodge acorns that are raining down on you!
Leaves -Jump from leaf to leaf, avoiding dying leaves, and fallen leaves.


IDEAS (Not in devolopment yet)
Papers -Make your way up a doodled tower filled with scetchy platforms! The shreader is the fate of the slow!
Mills -Jump from log to log on an adhesive conveiyer belt, avoiding consions with the ground or logs!
Nestlings -Birds on your left, birds on your right... Avoid them as they swoop toward you at once!

In all games press F1 to get instrutions, and press escape to quit. At the end of each, you can play it again.

I will evently release an all in one one (All games fused with a menu to choose a game), provided I make 5 or more. It will be called the "Camp Redd Funn Pack", unless anyone else has a better name. I will likly add music. Unfortunitly, the highscore system will be reduced to one score per game.


1.PikMino24 - 3030
2. JJRamone2 - 3000
3. Zeldafreak104 - 1520

1. MasterDSX - 1430
2. ---- -
3. ---- -

(Also, if a mod see's a score that belongs in the table and I haven't added it yet, feal free too. Note that only a members top score will appear. Don't hog the glorry all to your self. No need to be 1st and 3rd.)

Pics can be used to comfirm scores (press print screen, paste it into a picture program such as paint, and upload it to a hosting site). PLEASE DON'T LIE!
Note that, to save me time, only your top score will appear.

You can suggest projects. The theme is trees. GO!

PRODUCER: Bulerias
IDEAS: -----
OTHER: -----

If you want to help, post here with your idea, or application. If you want to aplly to devolop a game to apear here, it must comply with the F1 thing, the exit menu thing, and have a screen size of 600*400 (L*W), and be made in GM6, and I'd perfer you be a bit good with it, in order it to appear here, and be included in the all in one pacage to be realeased later.

*This post will be edited in time*

EDIT 1: Hey Bul, if the name the thread isn't good enough, feel free to change it.
EDIT 2: I was thinking around the lines of "Camp Redd Games"...
EDIT 3: Added high scores.
EDIT 4: Added Mino's new highscore.
EDIT 5: LEAVES is realeased.
EDIT 6: More detail about CRFP.
EDIT 7: Added my high score to Leaves


:p beat that
Nice score JJ! I added all of your highest scores to the Hi-scores.

I'm not sure what's wrong with the game or your computer, DarthGohan, but as it works on everyone elses, it might just be you.

Also, could an admin or mod change the threads title to "Camp Redd Games"? Thanks!
Thanks. Anyway, here's a screenshot from leaves (Or atleast the devolopment stage it's at) I just figured out a good way for him to move. I had to do a 3 hour long homework thing, so I didn't have as much time with it as I wanted.



Well? You might notice that the guy is the old guy recolored. :lol: I'm probably going to do that for every game.

<big><big><big><big><big>BEAT THAT !</big></big></big></big></big><big>
Well, if you want to count each of your scores seperate and hog the glory... But I perfer that each person only get's one spot per table. no point in being 1st, and 3rd, is there?

^_^ And the new ideas listed? What of those? do they sound good?

Also, Leaves score rate has been incresed now that I figured out why it was so easy to score, so you might want to download it agian.
Okay, I just replaced the red icon with a tree on both games! This is the perfect time to download them! Also, I haven't seen any Leaves hi-scores. :|

Everyone, be aware that the Camp Redd Funn Pack series (Funn Pack refers to the all in one) is delayed, due to the HUGE TBT Fair game.

Just so you know.