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auctioning pumpkin heads


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Aug 10, 2010
Dragon Tokens
i have 6 pumpkin heads going up for bidding im doing one at a a time

pumkin head 1 starting bid 1,000 bells reply if you want to make a bid
READ THIS BEFORE BIDDING! Please tell me u guys aren't really bidding on stuff u can get 4 free. If u just time travel to halloween at about 9:00, jack will be in town. He's the one u get a pumpkin head from. Just make sure u don't have anything important in ur pockets. Then when you find him, refuse to give him candy. Keep doing this, and eventually you'll get a pumpkin head. Then when you refuse and u see he's not doing anything 2 ur character, check ur pockets. Ther will be jack ib the boxes replacing ur. Items that sell 4 7000 bells each. If u do want to give him candy though, tom nook has one piece of candy in his shop. Give the candy to jack and he,ll give u furniture for12000 bells each. Get more candy from easter and festivale.