Animal Crossing: Wifi World

Dec 7, 2005
Old Eggs
Hey guys,
few silly questions here about the WiFi in AC:WW. I appreciate your help, and I apologize if there was a FAQ or something I didn't see.

1.) I've read people describe playing with their gate open. Does that mean that you can connect to the WiFi and go about your game as normal, keeping your gate open just in case someone wants to visit you?

2.) Can people steal your stuff via WiFi? I think Nintendo wouldn't be this irresponsible, but could someone come over to my game and take my belongings?

3.) How do I meet the mysterious cat, who I assume is Blanca, that cat without a face? Do I have to play WiFi multiplayer or can I just "leave the gate open" and wait?


Yes, you can play in your town while your Gate is open. There are a few things you can't do, however. You can't make designs or constellations.

People can't take things in your house, but they can do anything outside that you can do. They can also access your Recycling Bin and buy stuff at Nook's or the Tailor's.

To allow Blanca in, go to Dowloads at your Telephone. She appears randomly.