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Animal Crossing House Competition!


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Feb 7, 2010
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<big><big><big> Welcome To the AC House Competition!</big></big></big>
This is a competition made up of three judges! They will come to your town and visit one of your houses and judge. The judges will be looking for coordination, uniqueness, and more! There will be 1st place, 2cd place, and 3rd place winners. Each winner will get a valuable prize, non hacked. :D

You want to become a contestant?
Anyone can join. Just make sure you have Wi-Fi. If worst comes to worst the least amount of people who judge your town will be 2. In case there are not many contestants here I will be posting this on TBT. You will be the ones to confirm a date when your house can be judged. If you create a date we will find you >:|... Have fun :D

Judges (exclusive to Zap Hero Members):
- d7crab
- PhiL
I'll join! I have to mow my lawn right now so can you come after or maybe another day if you're busy?
Westie said:
I can be a judge if you need one. :veryhappy:
Originally the judges were to be for Zap Hero members but then I posted this on another forum, Animal Crossing Social Club, and to have equal representation for each I'm going to let someone from there be a judge, (me representing TBT, PHiL representing Zap heroes, and --------- representing Animal Social Club xD) I'm very sorry. I can make you a backup judge, believe me there will be times where the judges can not visit another person's town.

I will be adding Friend Codes shortly :D
ronnir5501 said:
did u add me to ur friend roster
Not yet, the competition hasn't begun yet xD. I have to add the friend codes on all 3 forums and get my other judge and hopefully a backup judge.
Well right now me and this kid, user name Zadakine, are making this big. I intend on adding another forum, it's one you guys most likely never heard about, Animal Crossing Avenue