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Animal Crossing: A new Neighbor?

I actually saw the first one a long time ago. It sucked.
I worded that wrong, the new first one of volume II. I liked it! palpatine got abducted and the capitol was overrun. a bunch of jedi died in it.
I really don't enjoy that type of show, but I like Star Wars.
well, i saw this thing in Gamewatch, and it looks pretty true

:) it seems animal Crossing DS will be called Animal Crossing: a new Neighbor

hope its true, heres the site:
ok... i should really think before i get all exited... it turns out this was an april fools joke, and it wasn't very funny

I really like it!
I got the 1st volume on DVD and when they are played together it is almost like the movies!

I also saw the 2nd today it is great how it leads right to the beginning of the next movie!
yea... too bad im trigger happy... on thing that looks real turns out to be fake, but it still sets me off

PIRANHA2 said:
yea... too bad im trigger happy... on thing that looks real turns out to be fake, but it still sets me off

Really? Then maybe... you... should... put the gun down.

i got volume ! ion dvd too! In the begginning of volume II, that clone gunship looked awesome! with the face painted on it! You can also really tell that the clones are turning into the modern stormtroopers of the empire, mainly from there helmets.
yeah,that rocked..

:blink: who ever thought that 5 minutes can pack so much action(Volume-1),Now who ever thought that 15 minutes can pack more action :ph43r:
ok, the clone wars series is a series on the battles of the republic after the second movie. Volume I was basically killing a dark side jedi and a few battles ending with yoda predicting a invasion of the capitol. In volume II it picks up where volume I left off and has the invasion. palpatine gets ubducted and anakin thinks he will turn dark