North America amiibo cards up for trade! (Series 1-5)

Hi! Would you be interested in trading your 413 Flick and 189 Drift for my 103 Kicks and 073 Flo? I could also add in a few of the other series 1-4 villagers you need as well.
Hello! I have 420 Lottie, would you be willing to trade for your 406 Blathers? Traded elsewhere
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Would you take Knox, Purrl and Doc for Blathers?
Sorry, looking for other Series 5 SP cards for Blathers.
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Hello! I have 361 Purrl and 389 Bruce. Would you be willing to trade for 402 Timmy/Tommy and 409 Mabel?
Sorry, but I'm looking for other SP cards for both of those. Thanks anyways though.
Hi! I'm interested in 406 Blathers and I have 420 Lottie for trade :). I also might be interested in your Pokemon cards since I have a few other SP Cards that you might need.
Hiya! I have [416] Saharah, are you open to trading either [402]Timmy&Tommy, [406]Blathers, or [409]Sable?
I have (408) Mabel and (414) Daisy Mae if youd like to trade for your (402) Timmy and Tommy and (406) Blathers