AIKA VILLAGE (Scariest village you will ever visit)


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Nov 6, 2011
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It was talked about on a forum here and we were all creeped out by it, but if you haven't seen it, or maybe you have, you can see it through one of LinandKo's videos :O So you don't have to experience it alone.. They will be there with you : )

Dream Address:
(For those with the Japanese version who want to visit the town themselves)
Thanks TheBigJC7777777

What do you guys think about the video?

Interesting commenter on YouTube:
TheFantasticBeast 6 hours ago
I have spent way too long thinking about this, but here is my theory:
Not every house is the same - 1 & 3 are the same house, but 2 and 4 are other places. Something happened to Aika on her birthday, and she died. Her mother can't let go; the second scene is symbolic of the temptation to contact the spirit world. Now Aika haunts her red doll, the one that looks like her.

1. At 10:48 you can see there is a grave on the beach. Is it Aika's? Her mother's?
2. The strange radio in the 4th scene is an EMF meter, which measures electromagnetic frequencies, and is supposed to warn you when a ghost is near.
3. The fountain statues are very similar to the statue that Aika's mom keeps. You can see it in scenes 1, 3, and 4.
4. You may regret having taken that doll in the beginning...
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That town is pretty much the best I've ever visited right now via Dream Mansion. Some of the layouts in the town and houses are actually quite clever.
i dont know why but those houses seem to make up a story of some sort.

by the way, what is their dream address?
That's a very cool town, I only can hope my own town can be set up that nicely! I enjoyed the story, as well.
wow this might have inspired me to make a haunted house of my own one day when we finally get the game lol. I cant wait to play it and do creative things with all the new furniture
This town is amazing, and it just makes me want to get the game and explore it even more. ;_;

I really want this game to be released in europe/NA now, nintendo!!!
I watched it earlier and thought about the story all day. This is very well done and I love it! What's the code to go visit the town?
For those who are interested to visit this town, here's the Dream Address.

I also really want to know the story behind the town. And wonder what is in the grave in the corner if you dig it up, but yeah, there's been lots of mixed theories on what it is about. Too bad someone can't ask the town maker :p
Saw LinandKo's video on this, it's definitely got a creepy feel to it.
I applaud the time & effort put into it.
I didn't find it scary at all and I have a phobia of dolls ha. I still think its really cool though, it must have taken a while for them to perfect it like that. I hope more people do stuff like this. :)