ACCF Dan's Weed Pulling Service.


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Jul 29, 2010
Dragon Tokens
I am poor and I really need some money. That's why I am running my weed pulling service. I will pull all of the weeds in your town for the low cost of 500-1000 bells depending on how many weeds I need to pull. Please send me a message if you are interested. Weekly customers will get discounts and, on certain occasions, gifts. ACCF Dan's Weed Pulling Service is now in business!
Sure. But I have some rules. First off, I pay you. If I send you to pull someones weeds, we split the pay. Second, you must inform me if someone asks you to pull there weeds. And 3rd, you have to go through basic training. I will have you train by next week.
Gosh, my friend could really use you to get rid of his weeds, and he has quite a lot of them too.
I will pay 1 tbt bell for you to remove all my weeds oh wait I forgot I hacks so I never get weeds
Hi do you still do weed pulling? I need my town weeded. Also if you still need money I can give you a boost